Apr 192013

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  1. Patty, there is a Rabies Challenge study going on now for dogs. The issue isn’t if we need a Rabies vaccine, it’s do we need our dogs vaccinated every year or three years.

    • Oh I thought that had already been done–last time I got a rabies for a dog, it was good for three years!

      • Not in all states, and they’re trying to push it out further…

        I haven’t actually read the blog yet–one of those mornings, and I want to be able to focus on it–but I’m looking forward to it. After what happened to Duncan last year, you’d better believe I want to learn all I can!

        • I had so much info I did not even get to older horses and vaccine reactions….!

          • Ohh, then I think we should do one together on that one! I’ll provide the case study!

  2. Just in time! I was pondering the spring shot schedule myself–thanks for the thorough-going info!

  3. awesome vaccine info Patty- love it!

  4. Hi Patty. I wonder what the percentage is of shingles coming back in Chicken Pox cases. Like, how many people who have had chicken pox as kids experience shingles as older adults. Perish the thought! Yikes! Just curious…

    Fascinating blog this week.

  5. Thanks Patty. Very thoroughly researched and well written.

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