May 162012

Dun Lady's Jess coverOnce Upon a Time, there was a book called Dun Lady’s Jess.

My first book sale.

Upon first publication, it won the award for best first SF/F/H of the year (The Compton Crook).  It stayed in print for a good long time, it birthed a number of sequels, and when it went out of print, it turned into a collector’s item that drew (and still draws) startling prices online and in convention dealer’s rooms.

And lo, a most wondrous editor chose to reprint Jess at a new publishing home.  But for various reasons, the book didn’t fit well in its new home.  It never made it to bookstore shelves as expected, and soon it was all but impossible to come by.  I began the efforts to regain the rights.

As many of you know, that particular road has been a long one–and it’s not a road I can discuss any longer.  That’s not what this post is about.

This post is to say that as of now, Dun Lady’s Jess is mine again, and I am SO HAPPY.

As soon as I can, I’ll have both Jess and the sequels in production for backlist release.



Come join the party?


  • Kristen B.

    Hooray! A long road.

  • It’s time for CHOCOLATE! And to plan a new book cover…

  • Whee!!!!!

  • Chocolate for Ruth, too!

  • Yea! I was wondering how that was going. Now I know.

    Great news.

  • Yeah, it’s one of those things that you can’t talk about it until you can, and even then you really can’t. ;>

  • Jennifer Roberson


  • And then some! 8)

  • Alex


  • BS

    YAY!!!! Even though I AM THE PROUD OWNER of this particular book, looking forward to new sequels.

  • BS

    YAY!! Even though I am THE PROUD OWNER of this book, I can now look forward to new sequels!!

  • You guys make me smile!

  • Marilyn

    Even though I have a first edition of DLJ, it will be nice to have an e-copy as well. Congrats on the Lady’s Return.

  • Geri

    and about bloody time too! Glad to hear all your hard work finally paid off 🙂

  • LOL! Thank you! I can only echo those initial sentiments…just glad to have reached this point.

  • So very happy for you, after so many trials and disappointments.

    Welcome, Jess, to the home of the heart.

  • Thank you! 8) A long road, indeed…

  • How did I miss this happy news??? Congratulations.

  • I suspect you were very busy being BUSY! 8) And thank you!

  • Laura (kyahgirl)

    I’m so very happy for you! I love this book.

  • 8) Thank you!