Mar 262012

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  • Peggy

    Yes Dart, you do have a wonderful life.

  • what a noble chap. Greta would say hi, but she is busy doing the nap thing, waiting to go to Oma’s house.(that’s German for grandmother) At Oma’s house she gets a treat of ham lunch meat and then on a beautiful day like today outside to the back yard to play.

  • Sue Farrell

    We’re having an early spring here in Minnesota—all of our snow has been gone for a week or more now. Angie and Benton Beagle are enjoying all the spring smells and finding digging much easier than in the winter. No flowers to pee on yet—but soon they hope.

  • The flowers here have a very fine line to balance. As soon as the sun starts warming the soil–regardless of the air temps–things start growing because they have to get it done while the ground is still damp. There’s a wild parsley about to flower, too…

  • Robert, Greta has a very fine life, I think!

  • Babette Beagle

    DartDartDart! I wish I had a friend like you! RunRunRunRun! All the time! I have two dachshund friends who are even older than YourFriendBelle, but I get to play with other puppies once a week. I do not have any long fancy names because MyMissy does not know where I came from and neither do I. I found MyMissy and MyHarry on a cold night, and I was hungry and scared and alone, and they made me warm and gave me good food and cuddled me. Now it is warm again, and it is only wet when it rains, not coldnwet. I have wildstrawberries in my backyard. I do not pee on them.

  • We have fields of bluebonnets here, also many kinds of yellow flowers. (Known to botanists in Texas as “ADYFs” (another damned yellow flower!” or sometimes ADYCs, “another damned yellow Compositae.” Even though that’s no longer the correct name, the slang remains.) Also purple flowers, white flowers, a few red and orange (more of those later.) No beagles, but a cat and two horses. And wild animals very close by–coyotes, foxes, deer, rabbits, field mice, hispid cotton rats, raccoons, opossums, and We had rain so there is grass, and that makes the horses happy.

    Glad you’re having a happy spring.

  • Babette Beagle I would show you how to runrunrun fun!

    I think you should peeontheberries that is what they are for. Or eat them. One or the other but not both.

  • babette beagle, dart left out important things. because long names are not all that important to play the games if you want to. then your name would get longer at the end, but it does not ever have to be long at the beginning. you are special enough to play the games just with your pretty babette name.

    it is good to have found yourmissy and yourharry!

  • Babette Beagle

    Oh! TWO answers!

    Dart, I would love to runrunrun. Today I ate the strawberries. MyMissy said, “Babette, now your tongue is silly-pink, not beagle-pink!” Then I ran like anything, and jumped up on MyHarry’s sailboat. But he has moved it so I could not jump over to the fence and sl-i-i-de down a tarp. Do you ever sl-i-i-de down a tarp?

    Miss Belle, thank you for telling me this. MyMissy says I must remember to COME when she calls me, and then maybe we can play games. I am working on this COME and SIT business. I definitely do not like STAY. It means I must not move. I do not like to not move. I want to run! I want to Arooo! Well, except when I am cuddled in MyPeople’s laps. I am very lucky to have MyMissy and MyHarry and MyShadow and MySunny because coldnwetnalonenhungry is no fun.