Mar 212012

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  • Patty

    I am glad I missed the crazy wind in Albuquerque for the crazy wind in the San Gabriel mts outside LA, the day before…

  • Yeah, the wind itself was merely crazy. The dust storm aspect of it tipped over into insane…

  • Ruth

    Wowzers! That’s a lot of wind.

  • makes my eyes water and my sinuses hurt just to watch. OTOH, the little story factory in the dusting corners of my mind is beginning to plot a story with wind and dust and creatures who would be invisible without the dust, don’t know if the dust creatures are malevolent as they sound.

  • Sue Farrell

    Poor Dart—how could he handle all the distractions of the wind?

  • You know, the dogs did well overall in the wind. It’s been more of a problem in other venues. In this one, I think the conditions actually served to minimize the usual distractions of this arena.

    (It’s a place of sensory overload, with lots of sharp light changes, shadows, intense visual clutter, arena scents, horses stalled nearby, crowded conditions–and the NOISE! Everything echoes, from conversation to the smallest bark.)

  • Sue Farrell

    Since I have two beagles I didn’t know there was such a thing as a SMALL bark!

  • Sue–bwah ha ha!

    In that arena, there *isn’t,* no matter the breed. But Beagles generally don’t need any help from acoustics!