Nov 162011

nookitaLate last week I “picked up” a new ebook from a small press.  I read only a short way into it and realized it didn’t meet my standards for craft, storytelling, or character presentation.  Bummer.

So I “picked up” another ebook, this one a sample.  Not from a small press, but the prose was dull and the bones of the plot showed through.  Still, there was something about the concept that caught my interest, so I told Nookita to check it out at the store.  Oh, wow, really?  Almost ten dollars for this ebook?



There’s a reason some of my ebooks are priced at 99c–it’s a Try Me strategy.  The first book mentioned above was  a Try Me priced book, and I was okay with taking that chance even when it didn’t pan out.

There’s a reason the rest of my works are priced reasonably--and why we have that philosophy over at Backlist eBooks, too.  Mine are 99c for the stories, $1.49 for the novella, and $3.99 for the full-priced books–because I think ebooks should cost a reasonable amount.  That second book’s price isn’t one I’ll pay for my favorite authors, never mind a casual read.

So after an evening like I had last week, what’s a reader to do?

Go back to Little Women, that’s what.  Luxuriate in the tried-and-true, and retreat, for the moment, from the combat shopping experience ebooks sometimes offer.   Besides, I first read this book so very long ago (as in, when I could still count my age on both hands), so I don’t remember the details.  And Jo is up to something–!

I’ll poke my head out again bye-and-bye.  Read any good, reasonably priced ebooks lately?



  • Adrianne

    I’m so with you on the highway robbery price. Yesterday, I added yet another expensive book to my wish list and will wait until the price comes down. I researched the kindle library option for these expensive books, but it only works on the kindle hardware – not on kindle software on iPads. I’m getting the new Nora book from the public library on Overdrive.

    As I read down my tbr pile, I will have to agree with you. There is no more guarantee I’ll like a book published by the big six than one I picked up at And there’s no more guarantee of craft either. I don’t know how some of the books in my tbr pile ever got published, they’re so poorly written. The “big six” book I’m reading now is getting fabulous reviews, but it jerks the reader around and it has no depth. I put it down last night, and may never return to it.

    My latest good read was _Whitefire Crossing_ by Courtney Shafer, which I picked up for $6 over at

    And _Little Women_? It’s comfort food, to be read once every few years. Along with _Anne of Green Gables_ and _Pride and Prejudice_. I’m madly in love with

  • I don’t think anyone should get too fond of the Amazon Lending Library too soon. They’re including books without publisher or author consent–the Author’s Guild is on it–and I, for one, certainly hope they’re required to make some changes.

    I suspect I’ll be spending more time at Gutenberg and Backlist eBooks. Mainly because that’s how I started out, and only occasionally do I go looking at publisher books–and by the way, it’s not only the Big Six who overprice their offerings! Anyway, it’s always kind of a surprise, every time.

  • Kada

    Still don’t have an e-reader, probably won’t get one, BUT my mum, Alaskaboy, Kiddlywink and I all went down to the local library and joined up this week. There’re REALLY reasonably priced books at the library! 😉

    Was pleasantly surprised to see some books on the shelves that have been written by several of my favourite authors; one of which had my favourite beagle on the cover. 😀

    I like to use the library as my Try Me option, and then can look into buying the books when we have more income, or asking for them as gifts. One bonus I hadn’t thought of about moving back into the country is that I’ve discovered some new Aussie authors that have been published while I was away, plus new books in series from old favourites that just weren’t published in the US. Hooray!

    Speaking of new books from favourites, Mum read Storm of Reckoning, because she liked the back copy so much she couldn’t wait for The Reckoners to arrive on the boat. Looks like you have a new fan Down Under. 😀

  • Hooray for new readers!

    What a cheerful note. I’m so glad you’re pleased with your move!