Ready for some Wednesday Goodies?

Here’s a goodie to start with…for those of you who read Monday’s Barking Dog Blog (which was written late Sunday)…Monday was the first real test of the Barking Dog Response…that is, would Neighbor listen to the request in the note I wrote?

Monday, I am pleased to say, was quiet.

Tuesday, I am pleased to say, it rained most of the day–so basically, who knows if it would have been quiet or not.  But the rain was a major boon (and it came without the massive hailstorm that ripped apart this area last year at just this time), so either way…definite Goody.

Why, I might even risk riding Duncan on our north flat today!  (But, hmm…I think I’ll have earplugs, just in case.)

Otherwise, on the Goody front?  I got another short story out in the backlist offerings!

Call from the Wild$.99
First Published: 2004, DAW: ReVisions

In Neil’s world, there are miniature seeing-eye horses, service pigs, stock-guarding llamas, and bred-up Siamese guard cats—because in Neil’s world, dogs were never domesticated, and never will be. But it seems no one’s asked the dogs what they think…

Originally published in the DAW anthology, ReVisions—an anthology of alternate history stories that consider what would have happened if scientific and technological breakthroughs–and challenges–occurred long before they did in real history.

[included in THE HEART OF DOG]

Definite GoodieFest day.  Got any to share?


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3 Responses to GoodieFest

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Very glad to hear there’ve been two quiet days. May there be more!

  2. Doranna says:

    Yesterday was quiet, too–I rode Duncan right up the road, no problem. May it continue!

    • Doranna says:

      Ah. Sadly, the barkers are out in force today. This time, I was shouted at while I worked *south* of the house, which means they really had to put their minds to it. I was trying to get shreddings into my paddock…I quit after a couple of wheelbarrow loads. Just too nerve-wracking.

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