Jul 202011

I done did it.  I got HIDDEN STEEL listed for free at Amazon, as well as Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, and Sony whenever it catches up.

(Why not Nook, especially given that I’m a Nook owner my ownself?  ‘Cause I can’t find a way to work the system to get it done.  Nooksters can get an EPUB on Smashwords, though…and the book is marked down to 99c on B&N.)

And why do it at all?

The same reason anyone puts a loss-leader out there…for the exposure.  The word of mouth.  The alluring introduction to moi as an author.  *eyelash flutter*  And also because I can look at the rising download numbers and pretend it means that people are interested in the book as opposed to, “It’s FREE!  Grab it, quick!”

But hey, guess what.


“Mow your lawn, finish doing the wash, and walk your dog BEFORE starting this book!” — B&N Reader

Hidden SteelSmashwords
B&N (99c)



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