Jun 222011

Seer's BloodOh dear. I was supposed to have a blog this morning?

Yesterday, I started work on Seer’s Blood–proofing work, that is, to prepare the book for release as my next Backlist eBook.

And lo, the Muse was happy.

And lo…she wouldn’t LET GO.

So here I am, bleary-eyed after a late night and a late rising and 80 pages left to proof, and OH LOOK.  The blog isn’t done.

So this is it.

And there, above…that’s the original cover for this book.

The dogs are not my fault.

Neither is the fact that the two men have switched roles. But I do love the perspective down the hillside.

Meanwhile, Hidden Steel is on sale for 99c–my big loss leader–and the discounted boxed set with Hidden Steel & Making the Rules is still available at $4.49, and Making the Rules is available separately, and A Feral Darkness is where it should be at $3.99, and The Heart of Dog is right up there with an Easy Button at the top of this blog.

Details on all that stuff are here.

Excuse me. I’ve got Seer’s Blood still up in another window, and I just realized I’ve forgotten to eat.

Ahh, that whimsical muse…



  2 Responses to “In Which the Muse Wins”

  1. Yay!

    Seer’s Blood was the first book I read by you, the reason I started reading your blog, the incitement for buying other books by you, both in paper and on Kindle. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to buying the ebook!

  2. Well! I guess you sure know how to make someone’s day! 8) Thanks!

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