Sep 082010

Yes.  I am writing.  Instead of working on the planned blog (which I wrote most of in draft while waiting for an appointment today, so I did have good intentions), I did another scene in the current book.  That’s Dark Blade of my Nocturne Demon Blade series, if anyone’s keeping track.

I am not feeling particularly guilty.  More like…smug.

smug smug smug smug

To assuage my not-guilt over my not-blog, here is a picture of a puppy owning the Best Toy:

The Best Toy

This is THE BEST TOY. Ever. For the moment.

  • Peggy

    This goes back to Mon’s blog. You mentioned Dart does not know how to ask to go out, we hung bells on the back door and the dog of the day would nose the bell to go out.

  • Great minds think alike! We have several of those–it’s how Connery learned to ask–and will put them out when the time is right. At the moment I do truly think he needs to settle in elsewise before we can do it. And we need to get the yard Dart-proofed again….(It *was*, but he’s figured something out and we can’t figure it out…)

  • cute cute cute!

  • what a handsome fellow.

  • Robert & Kristen—aww, thanks! He’s still a big skinny weenie growing into himself, but gosh, he’s got some cuteness going for him! ;>