Apr 022010

Wow, it’s going around. Some people have a severe case of Stars on Thars.

(I’m not sure where these stars reside, exactly, but I have a really good idea.)

Stars on Thars means “I am righteously entitled,” and “I therefore want my own way.” Add these together and…yow.

Bad behavior.

Because somehow, if you have this condition of SoT, and you don’t get what you want–what you’re entitled to–then it’s okay to…


Behave like a three-year-old.

It’s okay to shout at people. It’s okay to spit at them. They should know better than to disagree with you, right?

It’s also totally okay to threaten, vandalize, destroy, lie to get your way–and oh, hey. Effigies are especially cool.

And if, perhaps, a majority of those around you feel differently about an issue than you do–you know, that thing called democracy?–and therefore you really don’t get your way?

Shout louder. Spit farther. Be totally sure to throw bricks and call names.

Because, you know, frightening and offending people is the most effective strategy to convince them that your way is the best way.

(Or no.  Wait.  Maybe it’s just called “throwing a tantrum.”)


The problem is…if anyone of us is entitled to Stars, then we’re all entitled.

And that means that we all get to shout and spit and threaten and frighten (oy vey)–or none of us do, and we’d better sit down and learn how to deal with things like adults.

In the meantime, Dear Entitled: the hard truth is that an individual can do all the right things, make all the smart and responsible decisions, and still fall victim–still lose their Stars.  Maybe to someone else’s failure. Maybe to chance.  Maybe because the system isn’t quite as fair as you’d like to think.

It’s too bad there are people–those who are so very sure of their personal Stars–who won’t ever understand that. Not until they experience it. Maybe then they’ll be willing to trade those Stars for a dab of civil humanity.

I know which I’d rather have.

A Friday Piccie!

It could be total coincidence that I thought of this recent shot of a storm coming in over the Sandias.


  • Elizabeth

    Most with a case of Stars on Thars had parents afraid of Social Immunizations against pride, greed, arrogance, bullying, and other unpleasant character traits. They were allowed to continue to act like toddlers long after the time had passed…to believe that they were Speshul Snowflakes whose every desire must be satisfied because they were, well, Speshul, because Daddy and Mommy were Speshul too and expected to jump the line, have people at their beck and call, and so on.

    Social Immunizations aren’t fun for the toddlers learning in preschool to become civilized…it takes time and firmness-without-cruelty to convince the small child to share, to take turns, to refrain from the biting/hitting/spitting/hair-pulling/throwing things, and the toddler will inevitably resist, be sad, be disappointed, say “You don’t love me!” and “I hate you!” a few times. But if children don’t learn before first grade that whining, crying, stamping their feet, spitting and pulling others’ hair, throwing things, and so on aren’t acceptable…then the little spoiled brats grow into big spoiled brats and continue to disgrace the nation by exhibiting their bratty behavior both here and abroad.

  • I’m not sure how they got that way, but it sure is ugly to see. And embarrassing.

  • Carol G

    Unfortunately, all you have to do is watch/read the news and you can find all too many examples of SoT, and when they manage to get together with others, mobs of them can escalate to really frightening levels. And also unfortunately, there are some of them who have really public forums, whip the frenzy up, and then think just saying ‘Oh that really is too bad–I didn’t mean THAT!’ will take care of the the whole thing.

  • Carol–very well said, and thank you. “Frightening” is exactly the word.

    (I wonder if this was an FFC?)