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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


The Heart of Dog

The Heart of Dog Anthology

First Released: Various publisher anthologies

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Sixteen stories, award-winning authors, and all for the heart of dog...

The Heart of Dog collects my various doggie stories written & published in SF/F anthologies, and that's all it was initially meant to include--until my dog-loving writer friends heard about my plans to use the collection as a fundraiser for ConneryBeagle's ongoing illness.

In short order, I had suddenly nine more stories, all from wonderful authors (go ahead, check out the impressive bios at the end of the book!).

Friends of Connery: Jeffrey Carver, Julie Czerneda, Tanya Huff, John Mierau, Fiona Patton, Jennifer Roberson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, & John Zakour (x2!); graphic artist Pat Ryan, and production assistant Tom Powers.

So here's to my dog-loving friends, with a special thanks to award-winning author/editor Julie Czerneda. And here's to ConneryBeagle, for being a dog of such heart and joy that readers are already offering words of encouragement, spreading the word, and--hopefully--enjoying this anthology. And, of course, here's to all the readers who have picked up this book simply because they love the heart of dog.

E-cover: Pat Ryan 

"Doranna Durgin has an uncanny ability to put into words the thoughts and reactions we can almost see in the behavior of our animal companions. She has a well-trained understanding of animal behavior and her astonishing awareness of changes in attitude and mood gives her insight into their lives. She also has a special talent for translating that understanding into dialogue from their point of view. I follow her blog and newsgroup posts for updates on her animal family, and read everything she writes for those moments her non-human characters speak up. This collection holds a bonanza of those moments. That my purchase also benefits ConneryBeagle adds to the delight of owning these stories."
~Kristina Forsyth, Reader at Daily Cheap Reads

"I loved this book. The stories are engaging; some made me laugh, others made me cry. A very touching read and certainly for a good cause!"
~Jill Metcalf, Author of FAMILY REUNION

"If you've ever loved a dog, you will love this book..." 
~The Book Faerie

"Nobody writes dogs as well as Doranna."  
~Adrianne, B&N Reader

"This collection of stories will delight dog lovers and please all readers. I know of no one who can write from a dog's point of view more convincingly than Doranna Durgin. Buy it to help pay for Connery Beagle's medical care. Buy it because it's a collection of terrific stories. Just buy it! You can't go wrong."
~E. Rose Sabin, Smashwords Reader & Tor Author

Feef's House
: Doranna Durgin

A Bitch in Time: Doranna Durgin
The Right Bitch: Doranna Durgin
Bitch Bewitched: Doranna Durgin
Hair of the Dog: Doranna Durgin
A Call from the Wild
: Doranna Durgin
Brothers Bound
: Julie E. Czerneda
Totally Devoted 2 U
: John Zakour
: Fiona Patton
Dog Star: Jeffrey A. Carver
Finding Marcus
: Tanya Huff
Dog Gone: John Zakour
Mountain Challenge: John Mierau
After the Fall: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Piece of Mind: Jennifer Roberson
Just Hanah: Doranna Durgin